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  • 1. Our vision

    We are aiming to...

    make tokyo international

    by offering housing and job opportunities with visa support

    make "hearth" in the world

    We want you to choose your comfortable community based on what you like, how you spend your time and whom you want to live with.

  • 2. Qualities

    Be Part of the Team

    What We Look For

    Share Our Vision

    We want to work towards an international Japan.


    Head-Strong Mentality
    We are a Japanese Startup with an international team. We look for humble, ready-to-learn, fast-learning game changers.

    Team Players

    Ability to self-analyze, and self-criticize as well as accept advice from mentors.

    International Skills

    We look for English or Japanese-speaking ability at a native level for our team members. We also require foundational IT literacy (familiar with using Google applications, Slack, and Trello).

  • 3. Types of work

    Choose one or several

    Recruitment Opportunities

    ・We offer several tracks for job including:

    Business, Development, Marketing, Sales, Housing Renovator

    Development / System


    • Development experience with Ruby on Rails more than 2 years

    • Debug our product and report bugs or errors

    • Fix issues of our product

    • Test features for coverage

    • Development experience in Linux environment

    • You can configure SSH settings

    • Database design

    • Database (MySQL or MariaDB) knowledge


    Working days: more than 3 days per a week (8 hours per a day)



    Great personality which you try to catch up with our product



    • API design and development experience
      Knowledge of test-driven development
      Implementation experience of payment feature using payment system

    • We’re using Stripe for payment system

    • * Both have skill check test



    •  Experience: 4+ years in a related field. Business strategy, capital policy experience, or project management at a trading company, consulting firm, or startup environment. Minimum one-year experience in a managerial role in 5+ members’ team. 

    •     Skills: Advanced business level in Japanese and English. (Native level in one of these languages.)


    • More than 10 months experience abroad. (study abroad counts)  

      Recruitment period is 1+ year, 5days per week. (3 or 4 days per week is negotiable)


    • Familiar with PDCA, hypothetical thinking, and quick turnarounds. Familiar with internal management and team building.

    • Good at teaching and imparting knowledge to interns.

    Student Internship


    [Business Analyst]
     ● Ideal candidate has a strong desire to learn about the startup environment, has experience abroad, and is looking for ways to make an impact.

     ● Ideal candidate is friendly and confident in professional environments, communicates clearly and is easy to understand, and has familiarity with social networking platforms.



    College junior or above


    Computer literacy
       ①Microsoft Word: comfortable taking meeting minutes.
       ②Excel and Powerpoint: comfortable using basic shortcuts.


    3+ months experience abroad.


       Independent and ambitious to grow with our team.
    Positive attitude and team player.

    Proactive and inquisitive.


    Familiarity with Slack, Wordpress, Strikingly 

  • 4. Interview Prep

    How To Prepare

    ・Plan to talk about the track you want to work for and why

    ・Bring your PC or any other portfolio samples to share

    ・Smile :-)

    ※ No need to bring a suit and tie, we are a startup!

    Intern Length

    • First-month trial with a minimum commitment of two months
    • Potential for part-time to full-time employment upon successful completion of the member
  • 5. Interview process

    i. Apply

    1st day

    ii. Message

    ~3rd day

    you will receive within 2 business days

    iii. Online talk

    5th ~ 7th day

    click below on time to start

    iv. Interview at our office

    7 ~ 13th day

    v. Result

    1 ~ 2 week(s)

    after either

    iii online talk

    iv interview at our office

  • 6. Life as a tokyo hearth intern

  • 7. Access

    <Tokyo, Nihonbashi>
    We are located on the 1th floor of 3 Chome-3-3 Honmachi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo,-to 103-0023. 5 minute access from metro stations: Mitsukoshi-Mae / Ginza & Hanzoumon line

  • 8. Contact US

    For any questions or inquiries, please reach out to us using the form below:

  • About Us


    Tokyo Hearth K.K.

    Incorporated on Oct 1st in 2015.

    Tokyo Hearth is aiming to support foreigners who live in Japan by finding them a nice share house, jobs, cool events, VISA information and any practical local information in Tokyo.

    Tomonari Kino

    Founder & CEO of Tokyo Hearth K.K.


    Lived in United States and France. Went to Sophia University and worked in Trading and Investment Company, Mitsubishi Corporation for 5 years.